The Best Face Cream Ever

Sadly or not, it doesn’t exist. There are lots of amazing products out there but no one product that works for everyone, does everything, treats all skin types, nor is there any product that is “the best”. Gorgeous packaging can be found and amazing textures and glorious aromas – but no “secret sauce” that does it all.

That is good news!  To achieve what you want to achieve from a basic moisturizer you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars. And with a basic moisturizer there is really only one thing you can achieve – having moist and supple skin. For all of the other aspects of your skin – wrinkles, acne, age spots, redness,  blackheads, scars, pore size – you need to do more than moisturize – refer back to my winter skin blog! (And I will be doing an anti-aging and an acne update soon for skin).