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an assortment of natural skincare ingredients


You want to do something to keep your skin looking and feeling good but there are so many options that you have no idea where to start. It's overwhelming.

Let Dr. Hazen help you.  She has written on the topic, she is an expert and above all: a scientist.  She is not trying to sell you anything but instead delivers you the best results. 

She evaluates your skin and your goals and starts you on a skin program that makes sense for you.  One that is easy, simple, and will deliver results.  She minimizes the expense and instead finds products that are the most bang for the buck.

There are many options to improve and maintain one's skin.  She will also look at your diet and stresses, and address those issues if you desire.  What you put inside your body and the stresses and environment you are exposed to affects your skin greatly.

Age Spots

Brown pigment

Red spots


Uneven skin tone

Large pores




Q & A

Q: When should I start using Skin products?

A: Yesterday.  Everyone should use something.  The key is finding out what YOUR skin needs. 

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: Tomorrow. Seriously - products make a big difference but they do not have to be expensive.

Q: What about my body?

A: Yes! you should care for all your skin, and Dr. Hazen can show you how!

Q: Isn't a Dermatologist better at skin stuff?


A: While a Dermatologist can be great at creating a skin rejuvenation program, Dr. Hazen can also do invasive procedures and surgery should you ever desire that! (One Stop Shopping!)

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