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young man with thick brown hair


NeoGraft hair transplant is an amazing way to restore your hairline, fill in bald spots and even create a new hairline. The patient first needs a full evaluation with Dr. Hazen to diagnose the cause of the hair loss and determine if a hair transplant is the correct treatment. There are many treatments that work for hair restoration, and sometimes oral or topical medication, injections of PRP or steroids are the correct choice for maximal benefit.  

Dr. Hazen uses a state-or-the-art Follicular Unit Extraction and Transfer of single hair follicles using the world-renowned NeoGraft Technology together with the best hair technicians in the world! The idea is taking your own hair from where you have extra (the back of the head) and bringing those follicle units to where you are losing hair. The effect is natural, scarless and the cool thing is the transferred hairs will never shed!

The process takes place in the office under local, requires that you cut the back of the hair very short.  The process can take up to 8 hours but typically is 5. Recovery is about 5 days, though most patients feel totally fine after 2 days.

This procedure is great for male pattern baldness, thinning hair, and transmasculine patients who lose hair due to taking testosterone.

Q & A

Q: Are the results of a hair transplant permanent?

A: Yes! and totally natural! it looks just like your own hair.  

Q: Is this procedure mostly for cis-men?

A: NO! Also for all women and trans men. (And if you don't know what "cis-men" means read my column on transgender surgery.)

Q: What other tactics should I use to reduce hair loss?

A: Depending on the cause of your hair loss, oral or injected medication, PRP, and vitamins can help!

Q: What causes hair loss?

A: Most hair loss is hormonally driven, most often by testosterone.  But there are many other causes, and in your consultation, the cause of your hair loss will be analyzed.

Q: Is hair transplant with Neo-Graft expensive?

A:  It is not cheap, but it lasts forever and looks great!

the back view of a woman with thick dirty blonde hair blowing in the wind

Before and After Photos of Hair Transplant Patients

Neograft Hair Transplant patient before and after
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