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For tiny annoying veins that are visible, there is a great local treatment called sclerotherapy, in which the veins are ablated or treated with an injection of a substance that makes them collapse and disappear.  This can be used for small veins and usually, multiple treatments are required.  The treatment is performed by the doctor in the office and generally, no anesthesia or numbing is required.  Recovery is quick but expect some bruising.  Dr. Hazen does 1-3 areas in a visit, and requires you to wear compressive stockings post-procedure for two weeks to ensure the best results!

Dr. Alexes Hazen on Vein Treatment for Small Veins

Dr. Alexes Hazen on Vein Treatment for Small Veins

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Q & A

Q:  Does it hurt?


A: It hurts a little bit, but is tolerable, and doesn't hurt after treatment.

Q:  Can you do it if your are pregnant?

A: It is best to wait until after the baby is delivered!

Q: Is it expensive?

A: NO!

Q: Is it better than laser?


A: It is the same or better than laser, BUT much less expensive!

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