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profile of a young with short hair with illustrations showing the different areas where thread lift is possible


When performing a thread lift at my NYC private practice, I place dissolvable, invisible, and painless “barbed” sutures underneath your skin, that I use to pull your skin tight for a subtle, non-surgical facelift. The idea is to lift up sagging tissue by using the sutures to “pull” back the skin in trouble areas like the jowls, eyelids, and nasolabial folds. Not everyone wants surgery or is able to undergo surgery, so instead of removing loose facial skin, a thread lift is a great non-surgical option where the skin is slightly suspended during an in-office procedure. 

Targeted Areas for a Thread Lift


As we age, we lose facial volume caused by a reduction of facial fat. This can start to become visible in our early 30’s. Many patients opt for a thread lift for facial areas that start to “sag” and look less tight over time. These areas include:


  • cheeks

  • jowls and jawline

  • brow line

  • under-eye area

  • forehead

Thread Facelift Procedure


The procedure for thread lift may be slightly different depending on the area you’re targeting and the technique being used. The basic technique I use is as follows:


  1. You will start in a comfortable reclined position as I apply alcohol, as well as a topical anesthetic to your skin in preparation for the procedure.

  2. I will use a thin needle or cannula to place the threads underneath your skin.  

  3. Once the threads are inserted, I will gently remove the needle and the procedure is complete! 

  4. Within minutes you’ll be free to go home.

  5. The entire procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes and lasts from 1-3 years. 



Post Thread Facelift Procedure - What to Expect


Downtime for a thread lift is very minimal. You will be able to leave my office directly after the procedure and drive home. After a thread lift, it is not uncommon to experience the following:


  • swelling

  • bruising

  • minimal bleeding

  • slight pain at the site of the thread injection

close up of a young woman undergoing a thread facelift procedure in her cheek area.
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