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Arm Lift 

An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that reduces excess sagging skin and tightens and smoothes the upper arms.  Fluctuations in weight (usually massive weight loss), growing older and heredity can cause your upper arms to have a sagging appearance. This is a condition that cannot be corrected through exercise.

Arm lift surgery may be right for you if the underside of your upper arms is sagging or appear loose and full due to excess skin and fat.

Before and After Photos of Arm Lifts with Dr. Hazen

Alexes Hazen Md before and after photos coming soon

Arm Lift Procedure

Dr. Hazen performs arm lift surgery in an ambulatory surgery center in New York City. The procedure removes the excess skin and fat from the underside of the arm from the armpit to the elbow, along the inner arm.  This gets tightened and smoothed out and Dr. Hazen places sutures along the arm that are invisible and dissolvable from the underarm area and along the underside of the arm to the elbow. Liposuction is sometimes employed to give a more shapely contour.

Who is a Candidate for an Arm Lift?

In general, arm lift candidates include:

  • Adults with significant upper arm skin laxity (more so than excess fat)

  • Adults of any age whose weight is relatively stable and who are not significantly overweight

  • Healthy individuals without medical conditions that impair healing or increase the risk of surgery

  • Nonsmokers

  • Individuals with a positive outlook and realistic expectations

Post Surgery Recovery 

Following your arm lift procedure, you go home the same day with a friend or family member. Usually taking ten to fourteen days for recovery is ideal, though if there is no strenuous activity or heavy lifting one can return to work sooner. Small drain tubes are most often placed during your arm lift, and usually, these will be removed between the second and fifth day. With few exceptions, all sutures are dissolvable, and no suture removal is necessary. Light aerobic activity (elliptical, light treadmill walking, stationary bicycle, recumbent bicycle) may be resumed as early as seven to ten days following arm lift, and more strenuous activity is begun at three weeks. Very light biceps and triceps toning exercises with light hand weights are encouraged at three weeks, and arm exercises are increased at four to six weeks. The final shape and feel are reached approximately three months after an arm lift. 

Why Choose Dr. Hazen

Dr. Hazen was the Director of the Aesthetic Surgery Center at NYU Langone Health for over 15 years.  Dr. Hazen has extensive experience with aesthetic surgery and post weight loss contouring. When you embark on your journey of wellness and health improvement  - you want a partner like Dr. Hazen by your side!

What to Expect From Your Consultation

Dr. Hazen takes a detailed history of any medical issues and conditions, including hospitalizations and medications taken.  A physical exam is performed. Your goals and desires for surgery are explored and Dr. Hazen gives a comprehensive explanation of the surgical procedures that are possible for you, including complications and risks.  She describes your individual recovery process. Now, you have the option to take your pre-operative photos (saves a visit).  Dr. Hazen and you may explore any issues that are blocking or interfering with the surgery actually happening, including anxieties around it.  Then your surgery plan is made with a timeline.  If the procedure is not covered by insurance, you receive an estimated cost for the surgery and anesthesia.

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