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Hair Transplant for 
Trans Women and Trans Men

Hair transplant is an effective and natural way to restore your hairline, fill in bald spots and create a new hairline. The patient first needs a full evaluation with Dr. Alexes Hazen to diagnose the cause of the hair loss, and determine if a hair transplant is the correct treatment.  In many transgender patients, there can be hair loss due to taking exogenous hormones.  Some trans women may want to change their hairline to make it appear more feminine. Many different treatments work for hair restoration, for example, oral or topical medications and injections of PRP or steroids. Recovery from hair transplant is about 5 days, though most patients feel fine after 2 days. This procedure is great for male pattern baldness, thinning hair, and trans-masculine patients who lose hair due to taking testosterone.  It is also effective for any patient who wants to change their natural hairline. Dr. Hazen was one of the first to start doing Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in NYC and her technicians, who actually perform the procedure, are considered the best in the country.