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Many scars, even if they are "old" can be improved upon. Scars can be treated using a variety of methods. Dr. Hazen takes an individual approach to scar improvement by learning about the mechanism of injury of the original scar and then designing a treatment program. There are a variety of methods to treat scars including surgical and non-surgical options. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Hazen is not only highly qualified for this procedure but also has access to the most advanced equipment and technology for the best results. 


In most cases, this involves non-invasive methods such as taping and massage. Dr. Hazen will also use laser and injection of medication when necessary and in some cases will even re-do a scar. 

Options include:

  • Scar gels and massage

  • Taping and pressure dressings

  • Laser

  • Topical treatments

  • Injections of medication

  • Laser

  • Peels

  • Laser resurfacing

  • Surgical Scar Revision

Dr. Alexes Hazen talks Scar Treatment Options

Dr. Alexes Hazen talks Scar Treatment Options

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Q & A

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: It really depends on the treatment, but most treatments take at least 6 weeks to show improvement.

Q: Does it matter how large or small the scar is?

A: Not really! 

Q: What if I have had the scar for 10 years?

A: While prevention is often the best treatment, a scar can be treated at any point, in other words, it is never "too late".

Q: If I Keloid, can that be improved at all?


A: Yes!  There are some great new treatments for keloid scars!

close up of a young woman with green blue eyes
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