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Revision Top Surgery

Sometimes your top surgery did not get you the result you desired.  Usually, this can be changed and improved. Whether it is removing a little extra fat, or skin, or changing the shape or size of the nipples - Dr. Hazen can help.  Often, Dr. Hazen can get this covered through insurance.

Before and After Photos of Revision Top Surgery 


Revision Top Surgery Procedure

The revisions performed by Dr. Alexes Hazen can be very minor or extensive depending on the exact issue that needs revision.  Sometimes, the scars are unsightly, or sometimes there is excess tissue or a dog ear.  Dr. Hazen carefully evaluates you and your desired outcome and makes a plan that addresses your needs and desires.

Who is a Candidate for Revision Top Surgery?

If you have undergone top surgery with Dr. Hazen or elsewhere and are healthy and are not totally satisfied with your outcome, you are a candidate for this surgery

Post Surgery Recovery 

The recovery can be quite quick for this procedure, and usually, you are back to most activities in a few days.  Often, the procedure can be done in the office under local anesthesia.  For more extensive revisions, the recovery is more like a week.

Why Choose Dr. Hazen

Dr. Hazen has years of experience doing transgender mastectomies and is considered an expert on this procedure. Dr. Hazen has written papers for peer review journals on both techniques and outcomes for these procedures.  Additionally, Dr. Hazen listens to your particular desires for how you want your chest to look and tries to deliver that result to you.  Her staff makes you feel very comfortable, respected, and safe.

What to Expect From Your Consultation

Dr. Hazen takes a detailed history of any medical issues and conditions, including hospitalizations and medications taken.  A physical exam is performed. Your goals and desires for surgery are explored and Dr. Hazen gives a comprehensive explanation of the surgical procedures that are possible for you, including complications and risks.  She describes the recovery process. Now you have the option to take your pre-operative photos (saves a visit).  Dr. Hazen and you may explore any issues that are blocking or interfering with the surgery actually happening, including anxieties around it.  Then a plan is made with a timeline.  If your procedure is not be covered by insurance, you receive an estimated cost for the surgery and anesthesia.

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