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Facial Feminization Surgery
for Trans Women

The face is arguably one of the most important features of the human body. It provides to others the first clues to one’s identity and personality. It contains the features, such as the eyes, ears, and mouth, that allow us to communicate and interact with one another. And it offers the first visual cues that determine whether other people perceive us as male or female. For these reasons, facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a fundamental aspect of the male-to-female transition. For those interested in facial feminization surgery in New York City, Alexes Hazen Md has the expertise you are looking for! Dr. Hazen has many years of experience performing facial aesthetic surgery and has a very natural, refined aesthetic.

Before and After Photos of Facial Feminization

Alexes Hazen Md Facial Feminization Befo

Facial Feminization for Trans Women Procedure

The term “facial feminization surgery” refers to several procedures that can be performed to give the face a softer, more traditionally feminine appearance. These can include bone and soft tissue surgeries of the face, neck, and thyroid cartilage, often complemented by laser hair removal and hair transplant to refine the hairline.   Each patient has unique needs, typical FFS procedures include brow lift with scalp advancement, nose reshaping, blepharoplasty, tracheal shave, cheek implants, lip lift, lip and cheek implants, cheek softening, and face/neck lift. Combined, these procedures can offer the trans woman a greater degree of harmony between her inside and outside self and help increase her self-esteem.  Dr. Hazen focuses mostly on soft tissue surgeries and hairline refinement but collaborates with other surgeons who perform jaw and bone surgeries.

Who is a Candidate for Facial Feminization?

If you are a healthy trans woman and have realistic expectations for surgery  - you are a candidate!  Dr. Hazen will work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.  

Post Surgery Recovery 

Most trans women elect to have all facial feminization procedures performed at once, or in two phases (upper face and lower face). If performed all at once, FFS usually takes between 4- 8 hours. In general, patients who undergo FFS will stay overnight after their procedure and return home the following day. Some swelling and discomfort is expected, but this typically resides after about 7 days, with full recovery expected within 3-4 weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Hazen

Dr. Hazen has a good aesthetic sense and will take the time to understand your goals and ideals for surgery.  This is a very individualized process and the procedures are selected carefully and with consideration of the most effective process to get her patients to where they want to be.  Dr. Hazen has many years of experience performing facial aesthetic surgery and this knowledge and experience make her a great choice for this surgery.

What to Expect From Your Consultation

After welcoming you, Dr. Hazen takes a thorough look at your medical history and conditions, including your hospitalizations and medications taken. A physical exam is performed. Your goals and desires for surgery are fully explored, and Dr. Hazen gives a comprehensive explanation of the surgical procedures that are possible for you, including complications and risks.  The recovery process is well described. Dr. Hazen offers to take pre-operative photos of you (saves a visit). Dr. Hazen and you may explore any issues that are blocking or interfering with the surgery actually happening, including anxieties around it. Then a plan is made with a timeline. Should the surgery not be covered by insurance, you will be informed about the estimated costs for surgery and anesthesia.

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