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beautiful young woman touching her face with both hands


Skincare for Acne

Unfortunately one of the common side effects from taking male hormones, like testosterone, is acne.  It can be seen on the face and back most commonly and can be mild to very severe. There are many excellent treatments for acne including changing the dosing and delivery of testosterone, topical medications, and oral medications. There are also some peels and lasers that can be helpful acutely and for the treatment of scars. 

Skincare for Anti-Aging

We all age, and as most of us age, we want to look good.  There are some particular issues for transgender patients if they are taking hormones and this should be taken into account for any desired treatments for anti-aging.  The good news is, there are various options and many are excellent and not expensive.  Dr. Hazen gets you on a program for your skin that will help keep you looking young and gorgeous.

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