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I'm thrilled to now offer Morpheus8 treatments at my NYC private practice! This treatment is making the rounds with celebrities who can't get enough including Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson. The results are truly incredible and the treatments target a wide variety of skin concerns.


Morpheus8 is a new subdermal adipose remodeling device (SARD) that fractionally remodels and contours the face and body. Penetrating deep into the skin and fat, this morphs the aging face of body into a more desired smooth and sleek appearance, for all skin tones. Morpheus8 has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin than any other microneedling device, going as deep as 4mm.  Patient comfort is a major advantage of this device because of the sharper needles and tiny punctures it causes in the skin without tugging or pulling.


M8 can be used for, but is not limited to treating wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks surgical scars and more. 


Dr. Hazen performs microneedling on an outpatient basis at her office-based facility in New York City. This is a procedure that does not require anesthesia, though topical numbing medicine is often used. During treatment, many microneedles oscillate removing the top layer of skin. The result is a younger, fresher, glowing appearance to the skin.

Q & A

Q: What is the benefit of (radio frequency) RF energy? 

A: RF energy works by heating the deeper layers of the skin, ultimately boosting collagen levels. Increased collagen can result in thicker, smoother, more radiant skin. 

Q: What areas can be treated?


A: Morpheus8 can be used on any areas that can benefit from sub-dermal renewal. Areas of the face and body that exhibit wrinkles, discoloration or acne scarring are suitable for treatment. The most commonly treated areas include the face and neck, as well as the abdomen. 

Q: Is it painful?

A: The treatment can cause some discomfort, we will apply numbing cream to help take the edge off. We can also use a patient controlled sedation system to make the treatment more comfortable. 

Q: What is the recovery period like?

A: You may look pinkish red for 1-2 days after the treatment. Around day 3-4, brownish/black spots may start to appear, which indicate your skin is healing. By day 7- 10, those marks will diminish.

Q: When can I resume my normal skin routine?

A: We ask that for the first 2-3 days, you stick to a simple cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen that are approved for post procedure care. You can resume your normal skin care routine on day 3 (as well as wearing makeup). On day 7 you can resume using retinoids and acids (ex. Vitamin C). 

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: Visible results can start being seen as little as 3 weeks after the treatment, but the most noticeable results are noted around 2-3 months afterwards. 

Q: How often should I get RF Microneedling?


A: Ideally 3 treatments spaced one month apart, however patients have been satisfied with as little as one treatment. It is best to come up with a plan with your provider based on your goals. 

Morpheus8 Periorbital Patient
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