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Who thinks about ear lobes?  You do - if you don't like the way they look!  As we age the ear lobe can sag and droop, and it can become hard to wear earrings.  There are non-invasive and surgical ways to fix this, and both are quite simple.  A simple injection of filler can plump up the ear lobe and make it look less saggy and more youthful!  In some cases removing excess skin and tightening up the earlobe can make a big improvement.


Dr. Hazen performs a simple and effective procedure to permanently fix tears and partial tears in the ear lobes.  This can be done in Dr. Hazen's New York City office and finished under local in about 45 minutes!  After the repair, stitches are removed in a week, and generally, ears can be pierced within 6 weeks following the procedure. Dr. Hazen has extensive experience with all reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. Even when undergoing a small surgery like ear lobe reconstruction and repair, you want to go with a plastic surgeon who has a highly refined aesthetic eye and is board certified. 

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