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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
in New York City

Fat transfer breast augmentation, also referred to as breast enlargement with fat grafting, is a surgical procedure where fat is taken from one part of the body where there is extra through liposuction, and then processed and placed in the breast area in a safe and effective method. Women often choose this type of breast augmentation due to the minimal downtime and the desirable "natural breast augmentation" results. It is common for women to want to improve breast shape or restore lost volume without getting breast implants. Using the extra fat and transferring it to augment the breasts seems almost too good to be true, and the results are long-lasting, and unlike implants, the fat lasts forever.  It has been proven study after study to be safe and effective.  New York City plastic surgeon, Alexes Hazen MD, has authored many papers specifically on fat grafting. Wouldn't you rather go to an expert in fat grafting for your procedure? 

Before and After Photos of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation 

Alexes Hazen MD before and after photos coming soon

Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat transfer breast enlargement or augmentation with fat grafting is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. It may be done under sedation or general anesthesia, depending on patient and physician preference. The patient and Dr. Hazen together decide where to take the fat from and that area is carefully marked. Common areas to "harvest" the fat from are the hips, thighs, stomach, and flanks.  The fat is then removed through liposuction, quickly processed in the Operating Room under sterile conditions, and then transferred to the breasts with small injections into the breast tissue, using the fat to augment the breast tissue that is already there.  The injections are done safely and carefully using sterile technique and blunt cannulas.  The incisions are so tiny they usually do not need stitches!


The process takes up to 3 hours and no drains are required!.

Who is a Candidate for Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

There are several reasons why women want to increase breast size via a fat transfer. There isn't as much recovery time as breast implants and it is a perfect solution for a more subtle, natural breast augmentation. An ideal fat transfer breast augmentation candidate is a woman who desires improved breast shape and/or symmetry or someone who lacks breast volume due to:


  • Underdevelopment

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding

  • Weight loss

  • Aging

  • Mastectomy


Additionally, Dr. Alexes Hazen requires that her patients be physically and psychologically healthy, not currently pregnant or nursing, aware of the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation, and realistic in their breast implant surgery expectations. Furthermore, ideal patients are those who desire breast augmentation for their own self-image, rather than to please others.


During your initial consultation with Dr. Hazen, she performs a physical exam and discusses your goals and hopes.  Your breast cancer risk will be assessed.  She also discusses your mental and emotional state as you never want to proceed with plastic surgery when you are depressed or super anxious, those issues need to be dealt with first.  The risks, benefits, and best recovery are explained in detail.

Post Surgery Recovery 

Recovery is relatively quick, especially for the breasts.  The part of the body where the fat was removed, will be much sorer and will appear bruised and sometimes swollen for up to a period of weeks.  Typically any tiny incisions heal within a week, and exercise and other activities can resume at that time.  Often to assist with the swelling and for discomfort, patients are asked to wear compression garments to reduce the swelling.  Patients sometimes wear them for up to 3 months, but typically more like 6 weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Hazen

Dr. Hazen has authored book chapters on fat grafting and has done extensive lab research on the science behind fat grafting and how best to process fat and what the fat actually does to the surrounding tissue.  Wouldn't you rather go to an expert in fat grafting for your procedure? 


Dr. Hazen also talks to you extensively about your goals and what you want your body to look like. This means she listens to what you want your breasts to look like as well as your body, as both will change with this groundbreaking procedure! Following surgery, Dr. Hazen will help you get on a program to maintain your weight so that your new body becomes your permanent body.  

Read patient testimonials to hear more!

What to Expect From Your Consultation

During your consultation Dr. Hazen talks to you about your medical history, she examines you and discusses all surgical options and risks of the surgery.  You have the opportunity to have your photos were taken (saving you an extra visit).  Dr. Hazen puts together a surgical plan with you and a post-procedure plan.  You get a quote for the cost of the procedure and a time frame for the surgery.  All your specific questions will be answered.

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