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close up of a young man's neck and chest


Skin cancer is a very common problem.  It is recommended to get an annual skin exam after the age of 30 to screen for skin cancer by a Dermatologist. 

Sometimes when skin lesions or moles look suspicious it is recommended that they be removed.  Alternatively, a small biopsy can be performed to evaluate the skin lesion and determine if it is cancer or not. 

Also on special areas like the face, another option, called MOHs surgery can be done, by a dermatologist who specializes in this. In MOHs surgery, the cancerous lesion is excised or removed and then immediately examined in the microscope to make sure all the cancer is gone, and then the area is closed by a plastic surgeon (me!).


I approach each cancer with an eye towards achieving the best cosmetic result while treating skin cancer.  We then would also begin a treatment program for skin cancer prevention together which would be lifelong.

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