Winter Skin Care Routine

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Finding a good winter skin care routine isn't easy! If you live in cold climate --between the cold, the wind,  and dry heated air, your skin can take a pounding.  If your skin gets very dried out on your face or your body, it can make you look quite aged and tired.  If you are younger your skin can look red and irritated due to the winter elements. As we age our skin does not turn over as quickly and this can make skin look dull and lifeless, and who wants that?

Here are some tips for a winter skin care routine for dry skin, which helps your skin stay hydrated and protected throughout the winter, and this applies to all (cis and trans) men and women and young adults.

First and foremost, protect your skin from the elements.  Think of your skin like you would think of a baby.  You would never expose a babies skin to wind, cold, and snow - yet we do it to ourselves all the time. Protect your face with  a scarf and wear sunscreen and/or heavy moisturizer (think of it like a BARRIER against the harsh winter). Cold and wind will negatively harm your skin.