Hair Loss - Prevention & Treatments

Updated: Apr 15

A sign of health and beauty is a full head of shiny luscious hair.  Many health issues and medications can result in loss of hair or damage to hair. Some folks are also genetically inclined to lose their hair - mostly males - but it can happen to women as well. Statistically women account for 40% of patients with hair loss. Our hair is also highly influenced by hormonal fluctuations and changes. In this post I will write about what you can do to improve your hair, your eye brows and your lashes, and what you can do to treat hair loss.

First off, it is totally normal to "shed" hair.  Hair grows in a cycle and so you are either growing, stagnant, or shedding. Each phase lasts about three months.  Hair is also programmed for a certain length and then will tend to shed (this is why your pubic hair is not down to your knees, see post in my media section on pubic hair!).  It is normal to lose between 50-100 hairs a day, which is why you see hair in your brush or in the shower.  Much more than that can mean you are experiencing hair loss or telogen effluvium There are different types of hair loss, and different causes of hair loss, and many are temporary.