The 5 Best Supplements to Take Every Day for Optimal Health

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In a perfect world, where rainbows are aplenty, unicorns graze the fields, and the soil is rich with trace minerals - we would not need to supplement our diet. Our foods would be bursting with life, and we would be able to get all the necessary nutrients without the help of technology. Unfortunately instead of rainbows and unicorns, we have modern mono-farming methods that have completely depleted much of the earth's once rich soils. A vegetable can only be as healthy as the soil that it is grown in. In other words, “If it isn't in the soil, it isn't in the carrot”. That is why, unless we grow all our veggies in our garden with perfectly balanced soil and have access to fruit trees, fish and algae - we’re going to need some help from supplements.