Does Massage Help Heal?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Massage is an age-old technique that athletes and others have used to heal sore muscles but does it really work? Massage has been touted to heal and repair sore muscles, to improve circulation, to reduce inflammation, restore energy, reduce stress, to improve depression and scarring among other magical things. Personally, I just like massage because it feels good and is relaxing to me. For me, if the benefit were only the 50 minutes on the table --thats worth it. But it turns out there is much more to it, and massage actually does heal --on a cellular level.

Any healing tradition that dates back thousands of years probably has some validity, as is the case with massage. The first records of massages date back over 3,000 years to Ancient China, and massage is considered to be one of the most ancient “healing arts.”

Many cultures have had their own specific therapies and techniques related to body massages that have been handed down over the generations.  This includes the Ancient Greeks, Hindus, Persians, Egyptians French, Swedish, Thai, Indian, Japanese and Chinese. Today their teachings continue to carry massage therapy forward into conventional medicine practices. As a result there are many different "types" of massage.

The most common types include: