Sunscreen - The Good and The Bad

As I sat down with my cup of coffee to write this blog, I realized how confusing the sunscreen issue is. I read that Hawaii has pulled sunscreen off the market, (due to its toxicity to the coral reef system), and other articles on how some of the chemically based sunscreens can break down on your skin into free radicals, and can even cause toxic fumes. What the hell!? Everyone and their mother tells you to wear sunscreen, and you know you should, and then you are paralyzed as to which of the hundreds of varieties is best for you and your family.

There are chemicals, and you don’t know what is harmful and what is ok, and then there is SPF! And as soon as you think you have a handle on things, the rules change and what was great is now terrible. It's like coffee— it was good – and then it was bad — then it was a performance enhancer — then it was the devil again. Digging through the information and separating science from click-bate can be exhausting and often a waste of time.