Detoxification and Your Skin

Our skin is the biggest organ in the body. It is also the organ that releases the most toxins; over 30% of our toxins are released through the skin. We don’t really think of it as an organ or as having as any functionality other than protecting us, and either looking good, or bad or old or young. But the skin is so much more than that.

Our stress also is revealed on our skin in many forms – rosacea, acne, wrinkles, rashes.  We may be able to hide our stress but our skin can not.

The ancient techniques to rid the skin of toxins and for the most part they have been lost in our modern societies, and we would be wise to make them part of our modern day rituals and habits.  Sweating is the most effective form of detoxification.  European spas have used sweating as a means of maintaining health for over 2000 years. Natural springs such as Vichy, Evian and  Epsom were believed to cure all sorts of disease such as infrared saunas are used to detox the body.

Sweating is actually really important. For whatever reason, a lot of people do not like to sweat. There are practical reasons like you don’t want to mess up your suit for work, but some people just don’t like the way it feels.