7 Wellness Activities To Do At Home During COVID-19

Updated: May 26, 2020

Every day is a new opportunity to make better choices, and the more often you make them - the more you program your mind to crave their integration into your lifestyle. And although I'm going to spend this entire blog telling you how you can fill your day with activities, I have noticed a mounting pressure to fill all that empty space with content, activities, and learning. But the Italians have a saying called "The Art Of Doing Nothing" which is an art form that is largely frowned upon in the west. We call it lazy, and wasteful because time is money after all. But the value of the creativity that could spring from a mind that isn't entertained, or challenged, or scrolling through instagram is unquantifiable, especially in terms of the impact it could have on our world. We are all going through a lot, and not knowing what the future holds can lead to the most existential questions of our lives. You may find yourself asking questions you would never otherwise have posed - especially not in the rush and bustle of a busy modern life...which leads me to my first "wellness activity":