5 Foods You Can Put on Your Face

One of the least talked about the functions of the human body is the skin’s ability to absorb - more specifically its absorption of chemicals present in the water, creams, or make-up we apply to it. In other words, you are not only what you put in your body, but also what you put on it.

Many of you probably know your skin is the largest organ, and due to it’s genius porous design, it is incredibly good at taking in liquids, but not the greatest at discerning which chemicals should be excluded. Hence - it needs your help.

Take showers for example. The skin will absorb as much as 64% of all total chemicals found in drinking water.

You may take pride in your state of the art water filter, because you would never even consider the idea of drinking from the tap. That’s a great lifestyle choice, but do you own a shower filter? Maybe, maybe not - but did you know your face is actually several times more absorptive than your rest of the surfaces of your body. In fact, the absorption rate of underarms and genitalia are a who